January 17, 2013

Everyone loves Parks and Recreation. Or at least, everyone who has seen it and is smart loves Parks and Recreation. How could you not? It is subtly, acutely funny while also remaining so sweet and kind-hearted that it almost makes me burst. It never resorts to stereotypes or aggressiveness to achieve its humor, but it manages to be biting. It’s a brilliantly crafted little gem of television.

One of the show’s best qualities is that it is full of great characters – individual people with unique quirks that somehow complement each other in a group. No two people are much alike in the Pawnee Parks Department, and yet all of their various relationships make perfect sense. Like a crystal, the show glistens with the interaction of its awesome characters.

Parks and Rec and its myriad players begs its audience to pick one to love the most, as hard as that may be. Read on to discover what yourfavorite Parks and Rec character truly says about you.

Disclaimer: to hardcore fans of Ben, Chris, April, and Ann – I’m deeply sorry and I’ll get ya next time. 

Leslie Knope 


First of all, everyone loves Leslie Knope. Leslie is determined, kind, tireless, detail-oriented, passionate, and loves to get drunk and dance. In other words, she’s the perfect human being. If you don’t love her at all, then you’re cold-hearted and not someone I ever want to encounter. However, this description is for the individual who loves Leslie Knope ABOVE ALL ELSE. And this person is someone I definitely DO want to meet (although maybe not someone I want to work with).

If Leslie is your fav, you believe that the world is inherently good. You yourself may not be a go-getter, but you have lots of things thatyou WANT to do, and you admire Leslie’s endless supply of energy. As you watch her from the couch, you feel like maybe, one of these days, you’ll get OFF the couch and make your mark on the world! You’re a sweet-soulful-dreamer; a “Jeff Who Lives at Home” type. Leslie is your model for the best of what could be.

Tom Haverford


Tommy Fressshhh. Tom Haverford, while ridiculous in a lot of ways, is a person who recognizes how hard life is but still really, really wants to enjoy it. He’s got his share of obstacles: he’s short, he’s Indian in Indiana, he’s a spaz. But, as we’ve seen demonstrated this season, he really does want to find his passion and make it his life’s work, even if that means forfeiting endless champagne and fancy made-up perfumes.

If you love Tom, you’re a pretty serious person. You probably haven’t chosen a profession that gets you excited, but you have a lot of passion in the rest of your life and you love to be caught off-guard by something hilarious. You think about Tom while on a weekend hike and laugh about the time he got in a car accident while tweeting – Tommm. He’ll grow up eventually, but for now he reminds you of dreams unexplored, dreams that still make you smile to think about.

Garry “Jerry” Gergich


Oh, poor Jerry. He is shit on by EVERYONE, even Leslie, all the time, and yet he is consistently nothing but the nicest human being on the planet. But he’s just so easy to make fun of – I mean, he once dove into a ditch for a burrito. He’s a mess. Then again, he’s married to Christie Brinkley and has two insanely hot daughters with whom he throws a baller Christmas party every year – so who’s the real winner here?

I think it’s Jerry, and if Jerry is your favorite member of the P&R clan, you think so too. If Jerry’s your guy, you’re probably hilarious.You’re a little bit weird and your sense of humor is twisted just the right amount. You’re the kind of person who thinks of the most obscure and amazing Halloween costume every single year, and you sort of cackle when you laugh. Something about Jerry strikes a chord withyou; you see something greater in him. And you’re probably right.

Andy Dwyer


Andy is a big little kid. His capacity for love is huge, un-ending, and sometimes aggressive. He WANTS TO HAVE FUN, right now, and he hates being bored, and he loves to help out. He wants adventure but doesn’t mind if the adventure is pretend. He’s wonderful.

If you love Andy, you’re also a big little kid, but maybe one who’s a little smarter and therefore has unfortunately learned to hide your kid-desires. You’ve got a solid job, you wear ties, and you respond promptly to emails – but really, you just want to stay home and play video games all day long. You sometimes eat vegetables because your significant other reminds you to, but when left alone you make a frozen pizza and eat it on the couch and are in heaven. You like the idea of adventure but you’d really rather have fun someplace safe. Andy lives inside you and you love the times when it’s ok to let him out.

Donna Meagle


Donna is a Bad. Ass. She apologizes for nothing, and demands respect. She’s completely satisfied with her life and not afraid to be very clear about that: she does what she wants. She gets paid. She buys herself nice things, and she dates a lotta men. She’s just straight up the coolest.

The person who loves Donna most does not appear to be as cool as Donna, or as satisfied. If you love watching Donna, you’re likely the kind of person that Donna wouldn’t quite know what to do with. But the thing about you, Donna lover, is that you really ARE cool, youjust haven’t figured out how to package it. Donna would love the real you! You’ve got a lot to say but you’re still learning how to say it. Donna is your ideal because you are Donna, just not yet fully formed.

Ron Swanson 


Ron Swanson has quickly risen to meme-status by saying things like: “Give me all the bacon and eggs you have” and “You had me at meat tornado.” Beyond his manliness, though, Ron is a complex, deeply caring character. His respect must be earned, but once it is, it lasts a lifetime. He’s a skilled woodworker and a secret jazz musician. He loves the people around him deeply, and in his way, he shows it every day.

As with Leslie, it’s hard not to love Ron Swanson. But if Ron is your hero, your idol, your everything, then you are a certain kind of person. You value a good sweater. You like going to the movies alone. You have a hard time putting your health first when it comes to the consumption of delicious, hearty food. In other words, to truly love Ron, you must be Ron’s kindred. Ron is presenting to the world all of the things that have always made you who you are. You are a solid, excellent person, and I would like to eat a burger with you.

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