The Year Of Anne Hathaway Hate Is Officially Over: Here Are 10 Reasons To Go Back To Loving Her

March 3, 2014

On the morning of this day last year, it had already begun. Anne Hathaway had won an Oscar, but she’d lost in a big, big way — she was our new favorite object of hate.

Why? Well, I admit that I found her annoying — I’m not a fan of Les Mis (this is a measured opinion coming from a bona fide theater kid), and the fact that she seemed to think her role was so important bugged me. Especially in contrast to Jennifer Lawrence, it seemed like she wasn’t comfortable being comfortable with people, if that makes any sense; she was somehow holier than all of us, and we weren’t going to take that lying down.

Now, a year later, the Anne Hathaway hate has cooled off. She was a presenter last night, and no one seemed to care one way or the other. Aside from a small cameo in Don Jon, she’s stayed off of our screens and out of our way this year (she did have one film, Song One, premiere at Sundance, but it doesn’t yet have a US release date). And this was certainly an intentional choice: “My impression was that people needed a break from me,” she told the Huffington Post. Aww, Anne.

We’re sorry! At least, I’m sorry. I don’t know you and I have no reason not to like you. What happened was that, as a nation, we collectively went after the smart, serious, successful girl. We suck.

(This isn’t the only arena in which we’ve tended, as a group, to go for easy over smart. I’m not comparing Jennifer Lawrence to George W. Bush, but I am saying that we elected W over Al Gore because Al Gore was Anne Hathaway-esque. We gotta get our priorities straight).

In an effort to celebrate the official end of the year we all hated Anne Hathaway, here are 10 reasons to go on and go back to loving her.


First of all, she’s tried a variety of haircuts, which shows that she’s not overly obsessed with her appearance. And some of them looked weird!


She’s friends with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Remember how much we all liked The Devil Wears Prada?


And then how truly impressed we were by her performance in Rachel Getting Married? She played an entirely relatable fuck-up, and she was great. We were all HAPPY to discover the depths of her talent!


Jake Gyllenhaal likes her.

83rd Academy Awards, Telecast

In 2011, she was deemed popular and appealing enough to host the Oscars. And even though James Franco straight up threw her under a speeding bus, she worked really, really hard to make it OK. She didn’t even blame him in interviews afterwards. She just talked honestly about how it felt to be criticized. Talk about relatable, right dudes?


After a really, really shitty time with her con-man ex-boyfriend Raffaelo Follieri, Anne has found love with Adam Shulman, who is adorable and wears silly sunglasses.

If there’s anything that’s relatable, it’s difficulties in relationships. She’s had them! And she’s picked herself up and moved on. Inspirational!


All in all, she’s probably just a really nice person. Let’s let her back into our hearts.

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