The Near-Future Fashion Of ‘Her’

January 16, 2014

Her was nominated for some Oscars (Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay) this morning, and with good reason. It’s a subtle, beautiful, and somewhat sad portrayal of life in the near-future.

Every aspect of the movie is carefully crafted, and done with such finesse that it takes a few moments before the viewer even notices that things are different in this world. The fashion in Her is especially brilliant — Spike Jonze and his costume designer Casey Storm have made small tweaks to the fashion of this future time; it’s evolved as fashion has always evolved. Skinny jeans (or, denim at all) in this time would looks silly. So would dudes with belts.

The fashion is so intriguing that Opening Ceremony has actually created a collection around it (so maybe it will affect how our current fashion actually does evolve).

Let’s take a closer look.


First, let’s talk about the pants, seen here on Joaquin Phoenix‘s Theodore Twombly. They are high-waisted. No one belts them. They employ a long-button clasp closure as opposed to a zipper. They’re also wool, and have a tapered leg.


Here, Chris Pratt wears them too. His look a little bit sillier — these pants will maybe only look good on really thin people.


Let’s not forget that it is cool, in this time, to have a moustache. Yes sir.

Warner Bros.' "Her" - 2014

Messenger bags are also a serious thing. No one has backpacks in future LA (it’s nothing like your Herschel-filled subway ride this morning). You can see a messenger bag on Joaquin here, and also on the dude in the background.


Shirts are different too. Collars are much shorter and in some cases non-existent. Ties are a thing of the past.


The women are a little harder to pinpoint. Amy Adams’ character dresses with a hint of masculinity, but without a larger sample size it’s not clear whether that’s a character trait or a larger trend.


Where collars have gone away on guys, though, they do seem to be back on ladies.


We can see this on Olivia Wilde‘s character too. She does dress more traditionally feminine than Amy, but still she’s wearing a collared shirt underneath a brighter top.


Another example of the collar-less dude.


And here are a few shots of Opening Ceremony’s collection. Here are the high-waisted pants.

[Image via Opening Ceremony]


And here are color-block sweatshirts, with the tell-tale safety pin on the pocket (used by Joaquin in the movie to keep his OS in place).

[Image via Opening Ceremony]

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