The Best Ever Rom Com Kisses

January 22, 2014

Not all rom coms are created equal. This is a fact that I defend with the same level of fervor that I generally reserve for feminist causes and the superiority of Brokeback Mountain over Crash, and I defend it because it’s true.

Rom coms get a bad rap, and some of them are really terrible. But some of them are GREAT. And in the great rom coms, the moment of the inevitable kiss is so magical that I straight up want to cry and dance and laugh and die at the same time.

I felt that magic feeling last night while watching The Mindy Project; the Mindy/Danny kiss was SO EXACTLY RIGHT that I just about lost it. Here are a few more rom com kisses which are equally perfect.


Never Been Kissed

There’s such good buildup to this one. She stands on the field in that pink dress, and for a minute you think it’s not happening. But then — THEN! He bounds down the stadium stairs, and he’s right there with her, and the world around them blurs as they kiss. AHHH.

I also love that everyone around them (read: I mostly mean Molly Shannon and John C Reilly) is moved to kiss at last, too. I dare you not to at least hug the person you’re watching with at this moment (or to jump up and down if you’re alone).


Love Actually (David and Natalie)

Despite recent controversy over the merits of this movie, David and Natalie’s kiss — backstage at the Christmas pageant — is really great. They don’t know each other yet, so it’s not like Drew’s aforementioned kiss with Michael Vartan; it’s not familiar, but it’s sparkly and exciting and in its moment. It’s yay!


Can’t Hardly Wait

Oh man. After a night — nay, really 4 long years — of waiting, Amanda shows up right as Preston is about to get on a train to Boston. She has his letter in her hand, the letter that proves he is the only one in the world who really understands her.

He leaves, turns back, leaves again, turns back and JUMPS OVER STUFF, and they kiss. Magic.


That Thing You Do

This is extra satisfying because Faye and Guy end up together even though she’s dating Jimmy, Guy’s friend, throughout the whole movie. We all know the whole time that Jimmy is bad news, but it seems like maybe Faye will never open her eyes…

But then there’s this kiss, this red-lady-suited, LA kiss. I love the little sound she makes as they get into it. Best couple ever.



OH FRESH FACED PAUL RUDD. Watching you stammer is such pure delight, such deep joy.

This one is complicated by the step-sibling factor, but really, Josh and Cher are SO meant to be together. It’s even more wonderful that they have such a hard time admitting it.

(Bonus: the voice-over reminder that Cher is 16. SIXTEEN.)


Notting Hill

This one is a little different. Rather than at the end of the movie, it happens at the beginning, during the first meeting. But it’s so sweet and sincere, so fully felt, that it makes me cry a little.

One of the nice things about this movie is that Anna and Will spend a lot of time together as a couple and really do know and love each other by the end. That final kiss is great too, because it saves something, but this first kiss is what starts it.


The Mindy Project

To this prestigious list I add last night’s amazing kiss between Mindy and Danny. I hope that when Mindy Kaling reads this (she will guys, come on) she feels like she has achieved her goal of making a great rom com. Cause she HAS.

No matter where the relationship goes from here, it started out really beautifully with this kiss. I trust them to let the rest of the relationship develop naturally when the show resumes (in April, kill me), and I think Mindy and Danny might end up a couple for the ages.

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