Taylor Swift’s Twee Life (Or, Taylor Swift Is Friends With Everyone You’d Expect Her To Be Friends With)

February 25, 2014

Here is how I imagine Taylor Swift’s life:

She runs through fields most days. When she’s not running through fields, she’s baking cupcakes, or holding tiny hats, or running ribbon through her fingers. At night, she dances (lots of twirling) and poses, and looks at her friend and screams: “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” and then collapses into a hug with that friend, her long blond hair co-mingling with the cute brown hair of her companion.

Which brings me to her companions: in my dreams, there are many of them, and they are her perfect sidekicks; they have bangs, and wear sundresses, and run through the fields by her sides (but slightly back, so that she’s at the head of the triangle). They also help her bake the cookies, and bring her the tiny hats and ribbon.

Well, guess what guys.


I mean, it’s not all true — I don’t really know about the fields and the hats and the ribbon. But I do know that TSwift lives a TWEE LIFE, and it is populated with just the twee celebrities you would imagine it would be. Let’s delve into her Instagram for proof.


This is the latest news: Taylor is best friends with Lorde. Just this past Sunday, the two went to a beach together, wearing light blue and dark blue. I’m 90% sure that immediately after this photo was taken they broke into a run, finally collapsing in a fit of laughter, their hair co-mingling.


Taylor is also friends with Cara Delevingne, of course. They pretend to pose like Abraham Lincoln together!


As if you didn’t see this coming: T is super close with Sarah Hyland, aka Haley on Modern Family. This pic was taken on New Year’s Eve. After it, they hugged, their hair co-mingling.


But wait, actually, not before they made SASSY EYES and BIG EYES, respectively.


On Christmas, Taylor hung out with her other BFF, Hailee Steinfeld! They were both adorable while they ate homemade cookies!


This is captioned: “Merry Swiftmas and Hailee New Year”!!!!!

If you look closely you can see that Hailee is grabbing some of TSwift’s hair, presumably about to pull it towards her own (maybe later they will hug and it will co-mingle!).


Here’s a whole gaggle of twee: Odeya Rush (who will play Fiona in the movie of The Giver, to Taylor’s Rosemary), TSwift, Sarah Jane Hyland, and Hailee Steinfeld.


Here’s T and Odeya hugging, their hair straight up co-mingling.


Another pic with her other bff Lorde! They’re wearing similar colors and holding a sparkler; life is so sparkly.


Did you think Taylor DIDN’T hang out with Dianna Agron, the queen of Twee? Cause yo, she does. In fact, Dianna had a circus-themed birthday party, and they all got dressed up for it! It was a magical night!

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