Six Ways That Friday Night Lights’ Tim Riggins Is Like Jesus

March 5, 2014

Friday Night Lights is having a recent resurgence. What with theFNL/Parenthood crossover videos from Jason Katims, and some good old Timmy Rigs nostalgia over at Buzzfeed, it seems like we’re all feeling like going back to Dillon.

This is great timing for me personally, because I just finished FNL last night (it’s all on Netflix guys, so if you haven’t seen it, now’s the time). And because I’m still so close to the experience, I noticed something that maybe you guys haven’t: Tim Riggins is a LOT like Jesus.

(Note that when I say Jesus, I’m referring to the conventional “white guy with long hair” Jesus. I’m not making any assumptions about what Jesus might have actually looked like or done.)

Now, let me qualify this further by saying that my knowledge of Jesus is pretty… minimal. I was raised as a Unitarian Universalist, and I certainly don’t feel like I’ve got Jesus’ life and all his activities totally down. But even a UU knows SOMETHING about Jesus, and as far as I can tell, Tim Riggins is it.

Here are six ways that Tim Riggins resembles Jesus.

(SPOILERS ahead)


He’s A Carpenter

First, the obvious.

Even your basic agnostic knows that Jesus was a carpenter. And we all know that Tim Riggins renovated Buddy Garrity’s old house (with the help of Billy and Jason Street and Herc). We also know that, in the series finale, he starts to build his own house (with Billy’s help), on the land that he loves so much. Thus, he was for sure a carpenter.


He Sacrificed Himself For The Good Of His Family

Jesus considered us all family (apparently), and he sacrificed himself for all of us (apparently).

Tim Riggins gave up a year of his life so that his brother could be a father to his newborn baby — talk about sacrifice.


He Was A Source Of Comfort To Women Who Were Scorned By Society

Now, I’m a little fuzzy on the details of this, but my understanding is that Jesus was friends with Mary Magdalene, who was a prostitute. Or at least he was nice to her, or something.

In season one, Lyla Garrity is publicly harassed and humiliated. (Granted, it’s because she slept with Tim, but still). Tim was there for her (again this is iffy, but let’s go with it).


To continue on this path a little more convincingly, let’s talk about Becky. When Becky got pregnant, Tim was the only one who supported her. He took her to Tammy Taylor, which was the right thing to do. He offered her kindness.

He was also there for Julie Taylor when she got in trouble at a party, and he took the fall for her when Coach caught them sneaking in late.


He Supported The Underdog

This isn’t something I’m necessarily clear on the details about, but Jesus HAD to have supported the underdog, right?

Tim went to see Landry’s band when no one else would go. He jumped on board with the Lions right away. He helped Jason Street find a strategy to get his dream job. Dude HELPED OUT.


Hair And Body

Finally, according to western depictions, Jesus actually WAS Tim Riggins.

(Just to be clear: if this isn’t how you picture Jesus, please don’t be offended. Don’t blame me, blame centuries of Christian ideology and the resulting pictures my Catholic grandparents had hanging in their living room.)


Believe in the power of Tim Riggins and you will be set free.

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