September 17, 2013

THE NEWS HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED: The 7th season of Mad Men will be the last. Not only that, but it will be a two-part season, with the first half airing this coming spring and the next half airing the spring afterwards. In other words, our suffering shall be long.

Now that I’m all wrapped up in Breaking Bad, Mad Men seems almost like a distant, quiet memory. Its drama is not so explosive and fewer people get shot in deserts. Not as much money is at stake.

Still, the subtle beauty and brilliance of Breaking Bad exists in Mad Men, too, and the drawn out loss of these characters will be just as painful. WHAT WILL BECOME OF THEM?

There’s no way to know, because Matthew Weiner is way smarter than us. In lieu of being able to predict shit, I present the defining quote for each beloved character.

Don Draper

“If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.”

This quote defines Don. It’s what he’s successfully done over and over again, and what he’s now finally found himself unable to do. This final season might find him HAVING the conversation, for once, even if he doesn’t like it.

Betty Francis

“When you don’t have any power, you have to delay things.”

This has been a way of life for Betty, delaying things. She delayed the ending of her marriage with Don, and the action about her weight gain, and her attempts to connect with Sally. She’s been wading through a murky life. Maybe we’ll get to see her be really proactive and in control before we say goodbye.

Megan Draper

“It’s gonna be all right… I fall all the time.”

Megan says this to Sally, and it’s an apt way to comfort her – Megan DOES fall all the time, and she’s really just a little girl, too. But I think it will be all right for Megan, in the end.

Sally Draper

“You say things and you don’t mean them. And you can’t just do that!”

Aw Sally. Her life has just been adults lying to her and keeping her in the dark. She’s all set to turn into a reaaal adolescent mess.

Bobby Draper

“Are we negroes?”

Bobby, definitively, doesn’t know what the fuck is going on.

Peggy Olson

“Well aren’t you lucky, to have decisions.”

Peggy is a heartbreaking character, because she’s so smart and so aware and so capable, and entirely stuck. Although she’s made headway in her professional life, she hasn’t been able to reconcile her success with her desires for a full personal life, and she’s lonely. And she feels powerless, because she really is. For Peggy, I want time travel to now, when she’d be CEO of whatever is coming after Facebook.

Roger Sterling

“We drink because it’s what men do.”

Roger has always defined himself this way: a man, a drinking man. He’s too old, probably, to discover another way, despite his LSD-infused revelations of last season. He drinks, because it’s what men do.

Joan Harris

That’s life. One minute, you’re on top of the world. The next, some secretary is running over your foot with a lawn motor.”

This is, actually, pretty much how Joan’s life has been.

Pete Campbell 

“This conversation doesn’t end just because you left the room!”

Pete’s always trying to get people to stay and talk to him. He’s always holding on to snippets of respect. Maybe in California people will listen.

Prepare yourself on Portable.

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