‘Now And Then’ Now

January 11, 2014

Everyone loves Now And Then, because it’s the best movie ever. But when I find myself thinking of it (which happens often), for some reason my mind goes first to Rosie O’Donnell, Demi Moore, Rita Wilson, and Melanie Griffith — the adult versions of the kids. These ladies were great, but the movie belongs to the girls.

So, let’s imagine a current version of the movie, which would star each girl as the adult version of herself. Bear with me, because this is a pretty layered thought: who would play the younger versions of the now-grown-up girls?


Roberta  (Christina Ricci)

Roberta as played by Christina Ricci was a total badass. She taped down her boobs and fought with boys (and even kissed one). Motherless, she was sad but fierce.

The real Christina Ricci grew up to remain a general badass, despite the fact that Pan Am was cancelled.


In this re-make, Roberta will be played by Ariel Winter (Alex on Modern Family). Ariel shares the same spitfire eyes and inability to be anybody but herself.


Teeny (Thora Birch)

Teeny was a star in the making, an adolescent who knew she’d end up a celebrity. She was aware of her burgeoning sexuality and ready to take on womanhood.

Real life Thora grew up to be in American Beauty, but that’s mostly all — grown up Thora Birch is not as big of a star as grown up Teeny.


Dakota Fanning plays Teeny in the re-make; she, too, is aware of her power and ready for everything.


Samantha (Gaby Hoffmann)

Samantha was my favorite character, and in some ways she was at the center of the movie. It was Samantha who was dealing with her parents’ divorce and who was starting to understand adult truths that her friends weren’t yet close to. Yet she was level-headed; a quiet observer.

Gaby Hoffmann seems pretty level-headed, too, and she’s had a steady career since Now And Then. She’ll even be on Girls this season (ok, so maybe she’s not THAT level-headed).


Abigail Breslin will play this role in the re-make. After her turn in August: Osage County, it’s clear that she’s got teen angst down, and maybe even deep, inward teen angst of the kind Samantha experiences.


Chrissy (Ashleigh Aston Moore)

Ohh Chrissy. Such a Charlotte. She was all about pink and being a homemaker and marrying a boy — and she seemed really happy when she got those things, in the end. She was also a good friend who felt things deeply, and my little heart wants to give her a big hug whenever I watch the movie.

As for Ashleigh Aston Moore, the story is actually really sad. She died in 2007, at the age of 26. I hope she would have ended up happy, like Chrissy.


Savannah Paige Rae (Parenthood) is the pick for the re-make. She’s somewhat bratty and a little too innocent and unaware of the world around her, but ultimately she’s very sweet. Chrissy to a T.

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