Miranda Hobbes, Esquire: Lessons We Can Learn From SATC’s Best Lady

February 14, 2014

Ok, I’ll admit it: when it comes to the women of Sex And The City, I way have a favorite. Like, WAY. I am team Miranda, from day one until forever, until always, to the end of time.

It’s easy to see why she’s the best of the four. First of all, unlike Carrie, she’s genuinely a good friend. She’s there for her friends when they need her, she gives tough love, and she really cares about the lives of the women she spends time with. She’s just good, through and through.

Secondly, she’s smart. Miranda, who graduated from Harvard Law School and is a partner at her firm, is obviously playing with a stacked deck.

Finally, she knows exactly who she is, and she likes that person. She’s healthy in a myriad of ways, which is to say that not only does she eat what she wants and exercise regularly, she also has short hair when she wants to have short hair, tells her friends when they piss her off, and doesn’t let anyone talk down to her. She’s fully grown, fully formed, and not even a little bit ashamed of it.

On this, the holiest of days in which we let ourselves feel bad for no reason, we need Miranda more than ever. Let’s review some of what she’s taught us.

DISCLAIMER: This is all based only on Sex And The City, the series. I have no knowledge of or interest in the movies. In my world, they don’t exist.


Don’t Be An Idiot

Miranda is saying this to all three of her idiot friends almost constantly throughout the series. Don’t be an idiot and marry someone you haven’t slept with, Charlotte. Don’t be an idiot and cheat on your boyfriend, Carrie.

Actually, I guess she lets Samantha just do her own thing.

The point is, Miranda has a solid head on her shoulders. She doesn’t play games or mess around. We should all pretend she’s giving us advice all the time.


It’s OK To Admit That A Relationship Isn’t Working

It’s hard — very hard — to end a relationship. It’s even harder when you still care about the person, and when you want it to work, but you know that something just isn’t right.

Miranda is very strong, and that’s demonstrated in her relationship with Steve. If you’re in a relationship that’s not working, be strong enough to let it go.


Don’t Punish Yourself For Your Feelings

Carrie doesn’t want to marry Aidan. And while we know in hindsight that really she and Aidan just weren’t right for each other, in the moment, as Carrie’s friend, Miranda told her that her doubt made sense. That she should talk to Aidan about it. That she shouldn’t feel like a bad person. Take that in.


Dinner Is Important

And raw food is not dinner.

Sex and the City 2

You Don’t Need Artificial Hoo-Ha

That’s why she proposed to Steve over $3 beers. And married him in a purple dress, with little ceremony or planning.

I think it’s safe to assume that Miranda doesn’t buy in to Valentine’s Day. That today she would tell you: look at your life. Are you fulfilled? Do you do things that make you happy? Then know your own worth! This day is a bullshit way for society to make us feel bad about ourselves. Screw it. Be happy.

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