Maybe I’m In Love With Taylor Swift

June 24, 2014

It’s a rainy Thursday, and nothing is currently that awesome. There’s a lot of terrible shit happening everywhere, and mostly it seems like maybe we should all give up on the world.

Or at least, that’s how I’ve was feeling this morning — until something awesome happened. I happened upon this feature on The Frisky about Taylor Swift responding personally to random fans on Instagram. And it kind of almost made me cry. Case in point, this comment, to a fan who said that Taylor was her inspiration to switch schools and escape bullying:

Hey you — this meant the world to me. And it’s so great that you took a risk and switched schools and that you’re loving it!! I switched schools a few times growing up and it can be a terrifying decision that ends up becoming an exciting new adventure. your photo made me feel so grateful, you have no idea. I laughed when you said ‘people stared, it was awkward.’ You have no idea how wonderful it is to hear you say you’ll always be there for me. I hope you know how much it matters to me that you have let me be a part of your memories. I’m going to sleep..Night love. [via The Frisky]

Has anything ever been sweeter? It got me thinking: I think that, maybe, I’m in love with Taylor Swift. I don’t even care how that sounds. I’m not usually into pop stars, especially blonde ones (personal bias), and I’ve hated on T before because sometimes she seems annoying, but let’s look at the facts! The girl can a) actually sing, b) actually write songs, and c) actually seems like just the fucking best. I’m not sure if I’d go so far as to refer to her as a modern Joni Mitchell (as Jack Antonoff did in this Vulture interview), but at the very least I think she’s adorable, sweet, lovely, and perfect, with beautiful relatable songs, and a magic face. Here are some of my favorite TSWIFT THINGS.



It is not untrue that once, when my (at that moment) sober boyfriend picked me up from a night out, I drunkenly made him blast this song the whole way and I SANG MY HEART OUT. And then tried to explain how it REALLY made me think about high school and it just got those feelings so RIGHT.

I stand by all my drunken statements. 15 is a very intense moment, and even though it’s now been 13 years (jesus), this song brings me straight back.


This section of her website

Girl, preach. Hate when that happens. I call it getting rompered, and it’s always a terrible shock.

(I added the line breaks here. Admit it, it’s poetic.)


“You Belong With Me”

I don’t even care people, this is a great motherfucking pop song. I would ALSO argue that it’s feminist (bear with me), because Taylor plays both the girls, indicating that we all have both girls in us and girls shouldn’t be enemies. GIRLS. TAYLOR. YES.


“Back To December”

AHH BREAKUPS. This once came on while I was at the gym circa 2011 and I almost cried on the treadmill.


And another amazing fan note

She’s just nice, guys. And I’m in love with her.

[via Time]

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