August 19, 2013

It’s happened: the trailer for Season 3 of Girls has been released. Perhaps piggy-backing on the success of Lena Dunham’s Instagram feed, Lena and the crew have decided to showcase the next season through a series of ‘grams from the Girls set as they create Season 3. It’s honestly a really sweet video set to a cool song that really catches your attention (dammit Dunham, can you do nothing wrong?). That said, it’s kind of impossible to watch without feeling like you’re always a second behind and what the hell just flashed by and why am I so outside of this?

We’re here to help. Click through these lovely stills at your own pace; take them in, speculate about them, feel excited or pissed or whatever it is you want to feel, then move to the next. We’ve put the power to interpret Girls back into your own hands.

(Note that, as the actual order of things doesn’t seem to have much consequence in the video, we haven’t gone to great pains here to keep the stills in any kind of order. It’s a mish-mash. And a great excuse to say “mish-mash.”)



Lookin a little Jewish there, Shosh. (I’m only referring to the blue and white towel and I’m sorry I don’t mean to be offensive and also I am Jewish, if that helps.)



Oh Marnie. You look so happy. Does this mean your singing career has taken off, despite the fact that your boyfriend is no longer participating in the series?



Oh Adam. You look so happy! Does this mean that you’ve forgiven yourself for sort of raping Sheri Appleby last season?



Marnie has not put on weight in the interim between seasons 2 and 3. This has been confirmed.



There she is, back, relaxed, and wearing another long dress. Oh to be Jessa.



Elijah remains buff.



There’s our girl! That looks to be Adam she’s hugging, no? Has the fairy tale of last season’s finale panned out?



Regardless, Marnie is here to say that she looks hot at the beach. That’s her main message in this trailer.




Hannah looks hot at the beach too. YES LENA GO LENA GO.



Shoshanna has resisted the temptation to drop the poof this season. The poof remains, and grows. It’s resiliency knows no bounds, as it has survived even sweatshirt-on pre-breakup sex with Ray.



Ray is still around, although he looks Shoshanna-less. But still Ray-y, so I’m into it.



Hannah talks on the phone while swinging on a tire swing, again personifying everything any of us have ever wanted from adulthood.



In spite of everything, Hannah’s haircut remains bad. But at least she looks happy, and Q-tips are nowhere in sight!
I cannot wait for Season 3, CANNOT WAIT. But then again, I’m a 20-something writer who lives in Brooklyn. I’ll see myself out.

Enjoy at your own pace on Portable.


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