Girls Season 3, Dead Inside: Death And Assholes

January 27, 2014

All of the Girls were absolutely terrible in this episode. Totally fucking terrible.

Let’s take them one by one. For Hannah’s part, her editor, David, has died suddenly, which his frantic office learns as Hannah’s waiting there to meet him. She tells Adam that the worst part is “No one even began to tell me what was next for my ebook!” For the rest of the episode, Adam is horrified by Hannah’s lack of compassion, as are Ray, Caroline, and Jessa.
Not that Jessa should be judging. She gets to talking with Shoshanna about death and decides to visit an old friend’s grave (which she calls a tomb, which is weird). But it turns out the friend is still alive, with a partner, a baby, and a brownstone. She’d told Jessa she’d died in order to cut Jessa out her of life. Jessa leaves her friend’s apartment with the words “None of this is gonna work out for you, by the way.”
Nothing is really working out for Marnie, either, and she’s just generally being a stuck up jerk. She quits Grumpy’s after telling Ray and Colin Quinn that lots of fancy people want to work with her. Great.
Finally, there’s Shoshanna, who doesn’t do much except for tell Jessa about one friend of hers who died in High School which was sad although also beneficial because there hadn’t really been room in their friend group for two practical yet goofy confidants.
At one point in this episode, Hannah, Laird and Caroline run around a grave yard, laughing and skipping and rolling. When they come across some actual mourners, they try to look somber and walk quietly until they’re about 4 feet away from the family; then they start running again.
This seems to illustrate the point of the entire episode: intense, crippling self-involement. That’s always been Girls’  jam, but this was a new level. Even in the face of death, Hannah and her friends stay fully in their own minds and bodies and lives. Hannah cares only about herself and feels nothing for others (but she would still like the day off from work because her editor died), and she’s only able to muster some fake compassion while re-telling Adam a fake story make him keep liking her. She’s a nightmare.
None of this is coming out of nowhere, though. Jessa is now displaying full-on sociopathic tendencies, but it doesn’t seem out of character when we think about her history over the past two seasons (the wedding, the disappearance). Marnie is just becoming a more fully-formed bitch. And Hannah is now a 25-year old voice of the ME generation, I guess.
Finally, let’s talk the guys. It’s interesting that the girls were so pitted against them as far as emotional maturity and compassion. The three most prominent guys in this episode — Adam, Ray, and Laird — all comfortably and openly expressed sadness and empathy. But all of the girls were dicks. What does that say? I’m a little uncomfortable with it.
Also, outfit stuff needs to be said. First: why does Hannah wear flowered leggings to bed? And does she seriously pick outfits with that little thought in the morning? Also was she wearing a bra at Grumpy’s? I worried that she wasn’t. Also RAY SOUL PATCH NO.
PS. Shoutout to Jezebel for an excellent mention. Hannah Horvath loves you and we do too!

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