Dane Cook’s New Sitcom Cancelled Before Air; Yikes.

October 15, 2012

I have a confession to make: I went to the same high school as Dane Cook. It’s true. I sang in the chorus of various musicals on the same stage where he once played Danny in “Grease.” He worked at a video store where my friends later worked. I was even in a facebook group called “Dane Cook Went To My High School!!!”. It was a big deal; everyone from my school was in that group.

However, the trajectory of my emotions about our shared alma mater has gone something like this:

2004: I am so, so proud.

2008: I am embarrassed. And NO I didn’t see Employee of the Month!

Today: I am embarrassed, and I am sad.

What has caused this final leap into sadness mixed with shame? Well, Dane recently filmed episodes of a new sitcom for NBC, called Next Caller. In Next Caller, Dane plays an asshole radio DJ who is both misogynistic and perpetually hungover. TWIST: He has a new female co-host and has to deal with that!

With such a promising, original premise, what could go wrong? Word is a lot—apparently the show is so bad that NBC has cancelled it before airing a single one of the four episodes that they spent tons of money to make.

So, I’m sorry you’ve let us down again, Dane. I honestly did enjoy you when you came to my college and performed in 2004; I have to give you that. But with this new horror, our shared history is just a candle in the wind of your embarrassing career.


Here’s the article you just read the way it was AT FIRST, on Nuclear Salad.

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