Blair Waldorf And Seth Cohen Forever: 9 Other Dream TV Show Crossover Couples

February 19, 2014

There was big news yesterday: Leighton Meester (AKA Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl) and Adam Brody (AKA Seth Cohen from The O.C) are reportedly married. Let your hair blow back in awe.

As The Hairpin pointed out, this is a match made in Fanfic, which has now come true. What a wonderful world!

In the spirit of the day, we decided to pair up some more fictional characters from different TV shows, in the hopes that they will take our cue and marry each other.

PLEASE NOTE that, as this is an exercise in imagination, some of these real life actors might already be married. We didn’t look into it. But also keep in mind that people get divorced a lot, and anything is possible when you believe.


Claire from Six Feet Under and Jesse from Breaking Bad

Fanfic scenario: Claire, having stormed out of her house after a fight with her mom, sees Jesse skateboarding. Being kind of a creep, she sits and watches him for a while. Eventually he comes over to talk to her, and he’s definitely interested, although also a little weirded out by the funeral home thing. But he’s like, “yo, if you wanna come hang later, that’s cool.” She’s like, “um, yeah, cool. I could do that.”

They meet up and end up confessing all of their fears to each other and he loves her art and she tries to help him escape the meth world and he lives in her room for a bit and they’re super in love.


Adrianna from The Sopranos and Landry from Friday Night Lights

Fanfic Scenario: Landry likes to hang out at the Crazy Horse to see if any Christian rock bands will play. Adrianna thinks he’s adorable and obviously serves him booze. He saves her from her horrible life!


Joan from Mad Men and Nucky from Boardwalk Empire

Fanfic Scenario: Joan is out with her old college friend at a Speakeasy in NYC. She’s bored.

Nucky sees her and wins her over by being so weirdly sexy (also, she likes older men cc: Roger Sterling). He lures her back to Atlantic City with him, where she learns what a big deal he is. They become a team: she runs the administrative side of his illegal business, and he worships her. Also, he likes kids, so they totally have a great time raising Joan’s son Kevin.


Badger from Breaking Bad and Lois from Mad Men

Fanfic Scenario: After the incident in “Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency,” Lois is feeling pretty down on herself. Then she meets Badger and explains what happened, and he’s like, oh man, that sounds AWESOME! They start making out immediately.


Jean Ralphio from Parks and Recreation and Haley from Modern Family 

Fanfic Scenario: Jean Ralphio sees Haley on the street and offers her a job looking hot in his new business venture. She’s WAY in. He sings to her:

Beautiful Haley is a dope ass girl, her face is so nice and her hair is so curl..y

She’s sold.


Don Draper from Mad Men and Dr. Melfi from The Sopranos

Fanfic Scenario: Unlike Dr. Faye, Dr. Melfi isn’t be so quick to jump into bed with Don. She meets him at a meeting of some kind, and he approaches her. She tells him that he clearly has issues with his mother.

She makes him figure his shit out, and he respects her for it.

But then they of course bone and stay together forever.


Miranda from Sex And The City and Ginsberg from Mad Men

This is, actually, the perfect couple.

Fanfic Scenario: Ginsberg sees Miranda and thinks she’s fascinating. He pursues her. She’s like, what are you doing following me around? He’s like, I’m sorry, I just think you’re beautiful and although I’m a virgin I’d jump down a well if that’s what you wanted. She turns around, quizzical, and agrees to a drink.

The rest is history.


Skyler from Breaking Bad and Henry Francis from Mad Men

Skyler just needs a good man! And Henry Francis likes hot blondes.

Fanfic Scenario: In this dream future, she keeps his house for him and holds him to a high moral standard, to which he also holds himself.

NBC universal winter TCA party 3 140111

Adam (Peter Krause) and Sara (Lauren Graham) from Parenthood — THIS IS REAL


I know on Parenthood they play brother and sister, but let’s not think about that for now. These two amazing people are actually dating. In the future, we might actually get to see them get married.

There’s nothing we can’t achieve when we all wish for stuff at the same time!

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