All of Holly White’s Hats in Season 5 of Breaking Bad

September 30, 2013

The finale season of Breaking Bad has been, without a doubt, an emotional one. Across the nation and the world, we watched it every week and thought about it all day while we were supposed to be working and had dreams about it at night (the other night I was involved in something seriously Breaking Bad-related in which I couldn’t leave the room I was in and various family members lives were on the line — it was complicated).

But there has been one source of constant joy throughout this trying time, and that has been Holly, and all of Holly’s hats. I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that as busy as Skyler White has been dealing with her husband’s drug-making problem, she’s made the time to buy her baby a solid selection of damn fine headwear. That little girl’s head is almost never un-covered, and it’s almost always lookin super adorable in different varieties of yellow and pink.

Let’s celebrate all that Breaking Bad has been to us by reviewing, with love, every hat that Holly White wore during Season 5.


Episode: “Hazard Play”

Here, Holly sports a green hat with a pink flower. Additionally, Holly is watching Scarface, which, although allegorically important, is an insane movie to show your newborn baby.


Episode: “Fifty-One”

Holly hangs out with her dad on his birthday. Despite the fact that it’s breakast time, she wears a pink hat. (Spoiler: this hat will later become a favorite of hers).


Episode: “Dead Freight”

While her dad robs a train, Holly hangs out with her uncle Hank. She wears a light pink hat which has ears on it.


Episode: “Buyout”

Here, Holly hangs out with her mom. She wears another light pink hat, however, this one is ear-less.


Episode: “Gliding All Over”

This hat, worn while hanging out with her dad who’s just orchestrated a mass prison killing, has ears. It’s not the same ear hat as before, though, as it’s a light green instead of a light pink.


Here’s a closer look at the green hat with ears.


Episode: “Buried”

Holly hangs out alone while her mom deals with drug-related business. She wears a light pink hat which is thought to be the same hat she sported previously in “Buyout.”


Episode: “Rabid Dog”

While her dad cleans up some mysterious gasoline, Holly enters wearing another pink hat. BUT, this hat is knit, and thus an entirely new addition to the collection.


Here it is again.


Episode: “Ozymandias”

In this crucial episode, Holly returns to an old favorite: the pink hat she wore in “Fifty-one.” This hat is especially important, as it accompanies Holly on a difficult and dangerous journey with her dad.


Here’s the hat again, worn while Holly says “Mama.”


And here, worn underneath a hood while sitting in a firetruck.


In the last episode of Breaking Bad, “Felina,” Holly is hatless. She is bigger, too, having grown up significantly over the year we’ve been charting. Her curls are angelic, and her face is peaceful as her dad strokes her head for the last time.

I wonder how Holly will turn out. I wish we could watch her grow. Dear Holly, may you always wear hats. We’ll miss you.

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