About Me

Hello!, and welcome to my website. This is where I put things that I’ve written for OTHER websites. I write about life and how hard it is, tv and how good or bad it is, books and why you should read them, celebrities who are hot or not hot (or actually, just hot. I’m not here to bash celebrities for not being hot, and plus they’re all very hot), 27th birthdays, birthdays in general, brunching attitudes, ETC.

The truth is, dear friend/reader/potential employer/person I went to high school with who’s bored at work, I love to write. I’m grateful for the internet, which allows me to do so. I would love to write for YOUR website, so please get in touch with me if you think, hey, I wish she would write for MY website! I’d especially like it if you paid me something, like a few dollars maybe, or like, coupons for bread, or movie tickets – but really, I’m flexible(ish…). GET IN TOUCH YO. If it seems appropriate and I like you, we’ll be friends!

Please Note: In light of recent offensive posts that were published on Thought Catalog, I requested that all of my content be removed from their site. I stand by my pieces, though, so I’ve kept them here – but you won’t be able to find them on Thought Catalog itself. Read about my decision in this article.

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