5 Things We Hope Lena Dunham’s Book Will Be

February 11, 2014

As you’ve already seen on Instagram/everywhere else, Lena Dunham’s long-talked-about book “Not That Kind Of Girl” is finished, and it has a release date (October 7th, 2014) and a cover. It’s all happening.

Lena received a fair amount of criticism/skepticism when Gawker released her book proposal in December of 2012. The proposal had been sold to Random House for a cool $3.7 million, which some people found to be excessive/insane/insulting.

While I certainly cannot disagree (I would probably sell a book for 20 dollars if someone wants to send me an advance), I will say that I’m excited to read what she’s come up with. I’ll definitely buy it the weekend it comes out, in hardcover, and I’ll definitely write think pieces about it on the following Monday. I’m all in.

That said, here are 5 traits that I really hope the book embodies.


1. I hope it’s a more personal, honest, and intense version of “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?”

I love Mindy Kaling with a huge portion of my heart, and I loved her book. But Mindy’s book, in keeping with her personal brand, was light, sweet, cute, nerdy, and hilarious. It was not deep, revealing, or moving. I expect Lena to hit every adjective I’ve used so far.


2. I hope it’s a more personal, honest, and intense version of “Bossypants”

I also love Tina Fey as if she were my slightly-older sister/best friend/closest confidante, and “Bossypants” was without a DOUBT the best thing that happened to me in 2011. But while it made me laugh out loud, feel empowered, and consider the role of women in comedy, it didn’t make me feel like I knew Tina. It didn’t let me in. I expect that Lena will let me in.

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3. I hope it’s self-aware

As I mentioned earlier, that motherfucker Lena got 3.7 MILLION DOLLARS for this book. She’s my exact same age, and I’m not going out this weekend so that I can do an editing job that will pay me 300 bucks. I relate to her on so many levels, and I often feel like she knows what I’m going through, but girl has got to be aware of herself as supremely privileged in order to not make me hate her.

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4. I hope it’s weighty

Girls is weighty. Lena has never shied away from tough topics — OCD, eating disorders, even sexual abuse — before. I want her to delve.


5. I hope it’s funny

But I also want it to be hilarious. I mean god, we know that Lena is capable of being hilarious. We know that she was born making quips. Let’s see that in these pages.

I have high expectations, but she’s making $3.7 million, so it’s fair. Plus, I know she can do it.

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